Tara Hill Capital was established in early 2015 primarily in response to what was identified as a lack of independent providers and thinkers in the investment industry specifically in advisory and investment management. A number of providers of investment research, asset management, consulting and advisory in our view either lack innovation, don’t deliver on expectations, have legacy issues or material conflicts of interest, all to the detriment of the client.

Tara Hill Capital was founded to solve for these issues.

Our clients come from a diverse background and are all striving for the same overarching objective, to be successful whether that be financial, at helping others, being socially and environmentally responsible or any other similar goal.

Our clients include family offices, HNW, and local and overseas institutions.  

Tara Hill Capital works closely with similar boutique groups in Australia and overseas which enables us to identify opportunities and access offshore markets for our clients. Our unique combination of expertise and experience across markets means we can provide integrated solutions and opportunities.