Founding Principles

The Founder and Managing Director, has established a strict number of defining principles that will shape Tara Hill Capital now and into the future. These profound principles have been developed up either at companies he has worked at, researched and invested in that can be defined as truly great companies. The observations are that truly great companies irrespective of the industry all tend to have a number of consistent overarching principals that define them. These are; having the utmost integrity, trust, loyalty, investment acumen, are thorough and diligent, strive for superior knowledge and totally aligned to client (customer) interests.

The above tend to be the traits and defining characteristics of the few groups and individuals that prosper through time and over multiple market cycles; generating success for those totally aligned. The goal with Tara Hill Capital is to be respected amongst its peers for the above defining features.

The leader of a business typically crafts the defining features and principals of an organisation, so to survive through the evolution of the capital system a group must be steadfast in their principals. Tara Hill Capital is to be known for the values the Founder holds dear and that can’t be compromised.

Many industries are littered with stories and events where the client relationship has been compromised whether through perhaps greed, incompetence, self-interest, lack of oversight or any corporate governance. Few industries can claim to be exceptions. Ultimately, trust is totally compromised to the detriment of the client and potentially the industry they represent. The fallout can at times have widespread ramifications and be long lasting.